search engine optimization

What is seo?

First of all, what does seo stand for? It stands for search engine optimization.

SEO  means optimizing any type of website for search on googles search engine.

So, for example if I were to go on google and search for “the best car to buy in 2021” by typing this keyword into googles search bar. Google will return a bunch of results for me.

Google will present to me a bunch of results that are relevant to me.

How does google decide which website is relevant for the user?

The way in which that google will decide what is relevant is to the user by scanning through websites and

Choosing the ones that are relevant for the user. So in this example if I wanted to find the “the best cars to buy in 2021” google will scan through websites and pick the websites that talk about “the best cars to buy in 2021” Google looks for content that is relevant to the subject.

If in the instance there are 300+ relevant searches that come up for this keyword “the best cars to buy in 2021”.

Google will go for the one that has better content. Better content could be deeper content, more information, videos and infographics. When it comes to seo and trying to rank high on google to get more organic traffic. Content is key. Backlinks are key.