what is a backlink in seo?
  • When it comes to seo you have probably heard of the term backlinks. You have also probably been told that backlinks are a ranking factor on google. You may have also heard that backlinks are a must in order to rank. Well that’s not entirely true. We will get to that in a bit as to why that is not entirely true.
  • First of all of all to answer your question as to what is a backlink?
  • So a backlink is when another website links out to your website. When another relevant  website links out to your website, this shows google that you have credibility in that given or certain subject as to what your subject is about.
  • So here is an example if someone talks good of you , saying how good you are at cooking then this gives you credibility and makes the other person think that you are good at cooking so this must mean that your food is amazing.
  • So this is exactly as to how a backlink works. I hope you now have a better and clearer understanding as to what is a backlink.

Are backlinks compulsory?

You may think that in order for your website to  rank that your website needs backlinks and that it is compulsory.

Well to answer your question, this is not entirely true.

Yes backlinks are important and having the relevant websites linking out to you helps. So backlinks do play an important  factor in helping you rank.


Can you rank on google without backlinks?

You certainly can rank on google without a single backlink.

You may be a bit confused and thinking if backlinks play an important factor in helping you rank on google, if relevant backlinks show google that you have credibility so then how is that your website can rank high on google without backlinks? How is that possible. To answer your question keep reading.


How can your website rank on google without backlinks?

How can a website possible rank high on google regardless of how competitive the keyword is or not?

To answer your question the content on your website is key.


Google loves rich content

It certainly is possible to rank high on google regardless of how competitive the key word is with out any backlinks what so ever.

Google loves rich , in-depth, deep content. So if your website is able to answer whatever is being searched for with so much deep information on that given subject regardless of how many backlinks your website weather it has any or not. Then your website is certainly a winner. At the end of the day googles job is to answer the users questions.