Ever wondered if seo is worth investing 2021? Is it actually worth investing in seo in 2021?

To answer your question and to reassure you, here are 100 reasons why you should invest in 2021.

1. More then ever...

The global pandemic has caused non-essential retailers to close temporarily. Which has forced more of the population to shop online. The people who wouldn’t normally shop online have now turned to online shopping. The kind things people are buying is things that are not accessible in the shops such as clothes, slippers, electronic stuff etc. This is  due to the shops being closed temporally .This is where seo comes into it. If you run an online woocomerce then of course online traffic is so crucial for your business right now. Of course you want to take more sales online with every given opportunity.

2. Online grocery shopping has rapidly increased by 33%

The start of the pandemic was something new and changed the way we shopped. Much of the people were panic buying.  Some were fighting over the last bit of toilet paper.

Online grocery shopping has increased to 33%. It was difficult to securely book a slot. This is due to the dramatic demand for online grocery shopping. This is where is seo comes into it, if you are a business and plan to sell groceries online then you need a website with seo. You need to be found. Your customers need to find you. Your online grocery store needs to be optimized for search.

3. Online takeaways went drastically up by %54.

The pendemic forced resturants to close temporarily. This meant that restaurant food was not accessible by coming in, sitting in the restaurant and easting in the restaurant.

Instead restaurants were forced to turn online. Customers were enjoying the food by ordering a takaway online. This is where seo comes into it. If you run a restaurant and want to keep your business alive. You need to invest in seo. Your customers need to find a way to order that delicious dish once again. Turning to Online is the way  

forward. SEO is the way forward. Investing in seo for your restaurant is the way forward.

4. There are over 3.5 billion active Google searches are carried online

  1. What’s not to say that someone out there is looking for your product , you are selling or the services you are offering? So this is very likely someone out there is looking for a product or service you sell. This is another reason for you to invest in seo. Of course you want to be found right.

5. Get More presence online

There are certain keywords that have a volume of 100, 1000, 2000 upto a million. These keywords are classed in categories. The categories are low, medium and high. The volume of these keywords are based on am monthly basis. So if you were to target these keywords, then certainly you are likely to be successful to be found in google. Just run after the keywords is the key. Running after the relevant keyword is not the only to be successful in seo.

6. SEO means business.

Over the years more and more businesses have invested in seo. Seems like most businesses want to reach page 1 for that competitive keyword.

7. Rise of broadband

Broadband has certainly become in demand. We cannot imagine a world without digital. Broadband has seen a rise in customers. This means more and more people have turned on their broadband. The point is that life has turned digital for most. This Is where seo comes into it. People are browsing websites every day.

8. Get Found on Google

You may have a product or service which someone wants on the other side of the world. This is where seo comes into it. Get your website optimized for the whole wild world. Be reachable to more customers.

9. Amazon saw sales sky rocket.

At the start of the pandemic back in 2020 , Amazon saw sales triple in the first quarter of the year. Amazon were the winners. This meant that more and more people turned to online shopping more then ever. This means that selling on amazon has become in demand more then ever. Even though Amazon has always been in demand. However this time amazon is in demand more then ever. So if you are selling on amazon then seo with amazon is important. It is so important that you implement seo with amazon.